NIKE.  Kevin helped design Nike's internal communications campaign to help employees understand the mix of environmental and labor rights issues facing the company. Because the campaign closely matched the company's cultural focus on innovation, it helped employees see opportunities instead of only obstacles. He was lead writer on Nike's highly-acclaimed 2004 Corporate Responsibility Report. (In 2006, that report received the Ceres-ACCA award for Best Sustainability Report in North America.) The work also involved helping Nike navigate relationships with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). It also involved drafts of marketing materials for Nike products that reflected the company's approach to sustainability. 


PATAGONIA.  As a long-time executive at Patagonia, Kevin led the company's environmental efforts at the point when it was becoming known as one of the greenest companies anywhere. He commissioned the first ever life-cyble analysis in the apparel industry - which led to an examination of cotton, wool, nylon and polyester. He led a team that rolled out the company's all-organic cotton sportswear line. He helped lead a major convening of more than 150 suppliers - a key step in Patagonia's efforts to green its supply chain. At the request of President Clinton, he represented the company on the White House Apparel Industry Partnership - which ultimately formed the Fair Labor Association. He supervised all marketing efforts for the company. He served on the company's five-person management team.


MIDWESTERN BIOAG.  Kevin performed several roles for the company. He originally held a seat on the company's Board of Directors. He then stepped down to consult for the company on a range of issues. He stepped in as interim VP of Marketing leading a full rebranding process and helping the company close a $21 million capital raise. The company helps farmers reduce their use of harmful chemicals, instead relying on biological mechanisms to create healthy soils. The result for farmers is increased yields and profits. The result for society involves significant reductions in a farm’s carbon footprint. The company can play a leading role in helping major food companies meet their long-term climate goals. 


  • Taught MBA and undergraduate courses at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business.  Courses included: Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility with Consulting Projects (MBA & undergraduate versions) and Stakeholder Engagement (MBA). Received the department's "Club Six" recognition multiple times - a distinction based on student feedback on the course and professor. Students have gone on to hold important CSR positions at a wide range of companies.
  • Advised senior executives at Ford Motor Company as the company began engaging with environmentalists on the issue of climate change. Played a lead role in developing the company's initial Global Citizenship Reports. 
  • Helped Chiquita write and release its first Corporate Responsibility Report - a groundbreaking document that played a significant role in changing the company's culture and public image. The company's commitment to transparency - evident in the report - helped build faith with many stakeholders.
  • Co-writer on HP's 2004 Global Citizenship Report. (In 2005, it received the Ceres-ACCA award for Best Sustainability Report in North America.)
  • Lead writer on Brown-Forman's 2006 Sustainability Report.
  • Designed and led workshops for employees at Norm Thompson Outfitters to help the company gain marketplace advantage for its many CSR practices.  Provided strategic and editorial support as the company wrote corporate policies and strategies.
  • A cleaning products company based in the Midwest, Bon Ami never strayed from the natural materials in its original formulations – but that story was rarely told to its customers. Working closely with staff at Celery Design, Kevin helped a century-old company re-launch its brand. The challenge was to shift to a contemporary sustainability message – while still holding on to the company’s loyal customers. The project involved new product labeling, display ads and a new company website.

Photo: Cliffs of Moher, County Claire, from the ferry to Inis Oirr