REGENERATION RANCHLAND. Kevin helped a small team build an operating plan to bring adaptive multi-paddock (AMP) grazing to a large number of acres in the American Southeast. AMP grazing increases ranch productivity, builds soil health and offers significant climate benefits. He developed the company's main marketing materials and messages, and leads both marketing and stakeholder engagement efforts.


BRAIN HEALTH REGISTRY. Kevin helped launch the Brain Health Registry, building an effective brand, website and PR campaign. The Registry, based at UCSF, goes directly after one of the main impediments to cures for neurological disorders - the time and cost associated with those trials. It is building a large pool of pre-screened participants in clinical trials. The participants answer dozens of questions about medical and family history, diet, and other health factors; they also take online neuropsychological tests. Because the participants return to the site regularly, the project is gathering longitudinal data on its participants. Kevin has been a leading strategist in developing the Registry and in rolling it out to the public. If the Registry succeeds, it could take years off the development cycle for cures for neurological disorders.


UC OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. Kevin worked with the University of California Office of the President to develop and implement an effective advocacy strategy. This involved balancing the main office's need to coordinate activities with the independent voices - and independent brands - of the many different UC campuses. It became quite clear that the strongest and clearest voices were campus-based, and the President's office needed to find ways to cede power. Kevin facilitated meetings involving dozens of representatives from ten campuses and several central offices - part of the process of reconciling goals and approaches.


  • Helped plan and implement Nokia's first Community Involvement Stakeholder Days, a conference for more than 100 stakeholders from around the world.  Provided formal assessments of the company's reports.  Developed employee survey mechanisms.
  • Helped senior executives at Ford Motor Company consider climate change issues.  Provided editorial support as the company drafted its Business Principles.  Drafted speeches for senior executives.
  • Drafted policy papers to facilitate internal decision-making around CSR issues at Nike.
  • For the U.S. State Department, led a series of workshops in major cities across Argentina, focusing on transparency in the corporate and NGO sectors. 

Photo: Paddock fences, Inis Oirr, Aran Islands