Father Figures
A memoir about a strategy for growing up without a father, and a family's means of coping with grief and loss. Hardcover published in 2003 by ReganBooks and HarperCollins. Paperback edition published in 2004. 

Sustainable Industries columns:

What's sustainability got to do with it?
Why CSR should always be considered in the context of a company's brand campaigns. August 2007.

How leaders embrace change moments.
Great leaders understand the importance of timing, particularly when it comes to sensitive issues. June 2007.

Engagement at the point of sale.
Before NGO partners can help a company find solutions, they should understand how the company sells its products and services. April 2007.

120 months and counting.
Why the climate crisis requires urgent action, and why business leaders should care about it. February 2007.

Shattering the glass of corporate-speak.
Sometimes the fact of a strong stand matters as much as its content. November 2006.

Thinking broadly about business education.
In surfing, you reach a point on a wave where you either ride it or get hammered by it. So it is in business. CSR is a way to scan the horizon for waves to avoid and waves to ride. September 2006.

How many lawyers does it take to change?
How to work well and closely with legal counsel on CSR issues. July 2006.

Opinion essays:

When waste really does equal food -
A new way to resolve the nutrient imbalance in American farming. (April 2017)

Climate of Hope -
Widely cited and circulated article focuses on the role of hope in helping to mobilize support for solutions to the climate crisis.

A National Disgrace -
A 2001 critique of the Bush Administrations decision to withdraw from negotiations over the Kyoto Protocol.

Not Exactly Fatherless -
Essay on a child's strategy for growing up without a father; written after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Running With Blinders - New York Times
A campaign strategy for eliminating negative attacks and focusing on the future.

We Can Build Up to a Living Wage - Los Angeles Times
Opinion column about potential reforms in the apparel industry.

Faced With an Ordeal, He Flourished - Newark Star-Ledger
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt shows the value of character in national politics.

Photo: O'Brien Castle, Inis Oirr, Aran Islands